Save the California Gray Whale

Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition and Coordinator of Australians for Animals writes the following from the AFA November newsletter. Sue is currently in the USA campaigning to save the California Gray Whale.


Norm’s links to Santa Barbara all these years later are still strong.
One of his oldest friends, Marc McGinnes, is also an academic
at UCSB. On a trip to Australia a few years ago, he visited with
us and of course, I told him about the plight of the Gray Whale.


Marc, being the lovely man he is, went to battle for the Gray
Whale back home and arranged meetings with Santa Barbara
conservation groups when we spent some time in the US a few
years ago.

When we were looking for a California politician to sponsor
the Resolution on the Gray Whale, one of the most likely
Assembly members who might sponsor a Resolution turned out
to be Pedro Nava from Santa Barbara. And guess who knows
Pedro Nava pretty well. Marc McGinnes. Marc got on the phone and the
Internet and urged a humongous number of Santa Barbara
citizens to call, write and email Pedro asking him to sponsor the

Marc’s unfailing support has been critical in the historic
efforts made by the Coalition. When I met with Pedro Nava
this year in Sacramento, Norm was with me . Pedro
remembered the incredible campaign Norm waged. There
was a moment of the circle coming together – as it so often
does for the whales.

Thankyou, dearest Norm.

Thankyou dear Marc, and


Thankyou, Pedro.


On Mom




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