Save the California Gray Whale


Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition and Coordinator of Australians for Animals writes the following from the AFA November newsletter. Sue is currently in the USA campaigning to save the California Gray Whale.



You all know how co-incidences and synergy work. That’s when
Spirit joins the campaign, so many amazing things happen.
Often it’s about tracing back the human connections.

So here goes. My beloved husband, Norm Sanders, (who
was one of the Senators on the historic Senate Select
Committee on Animal Welfare), used to be a Professor at the
University of California, Santa Barbara. (UCSB) Whilst
teaching there, he took on the oil industry who were intent on
destroying the precious marine environment of the Santa
Barbara Channel and made a name for himself which still
draws awe and amazement at the fight he put up, supported by his
students and almost the entire influential community of Santa

Norm’s links to Santa Barbara all these years later are still strong.
One of his oldest friends, Marc McGinnes, is also an academic
at UCSB. On a trip to Australia a few years ago, he visited with
us and of course, I told him about the plight of the Gray Whale.

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