Save the California Gray Whale

Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition and Coordinator of Australians for Animals writes the following from the AFA November newsletter. Sue is currently in the USA campaigning to save the California Gray Whale.



So being a foreigner sometimes works. Most Americans are
pretty friendly to Australians.

Our Coordinator had meetings with the Center for Biological
Diversity who run most of the public interest legal challenges
in the US for major environmental issues. One of the
Center’s most experienced environmental lawyers is also
working on the Gray Whale.

The sharing of information between our two groups is
extremely useful. We expect with the combination of the
Coalition’s campaign to raise public awareness and push
through the political system, that the Center’s anticipated legal
challenges on the Gray Whale will make for a very effective

As well, our Coordinator had a long meeting with Professor
Stephen Palumbi from Stanford University whose research and
support of the Gray Whale has been critical to the Coalition.

Bottom line, the wheels are in motion for a Resolution to go to
the US Congress which will call on the new Administration to
properly fund a comprehensive review of all the threats facing
the Gray Whale and if warranted, to relist the whales
under the Endangered Species Act.


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