Save the California Gray Whale


Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition and Coordinator of Australians for Animals writes the following blog from the USA while campaigning to save the California Gray Whale.

Today I heard news of the Gray whale, news which I have feared would be
the reality.   At least ten per cent of the current migration is
emaciated, skinny, starving.   The migration is not yet in full swing and
already the numbers of emaciated whales is very high.  Who knows what the
eventual percentage will be but given the collapse of the Arctic ecosystem
on which the Gray whales depend for their food, the predictions are dire.
Yesterday I flew to San Diego and held meetings with key Coalition
members, some of whom are whale watching companies.  Everyone is worried
about the whales, there’s also major concern over the level of industrial
and people development which is planned along the gray whales migration

In Mexico, in the birthing lagoons, huge plans are in place for
development via roads, hotels, apartments, places you could never imagine
would be built in such a wilderness.  Baja is the escape place for many
Americans, the cost of living is much lower and the climate kinder.  But
Baja is a desert, there’s very limited water and a limited infrastructure.
In the World Heritage Vizcaino Reserve where the San Ignacio Laguna is
found, there’s even plans to develop the area, one of the most incredible
wildernesses on the face of the earth.
The starvation of Gray whales is a symptom of sick oceans and greater
starvation for all marine life dependent on healthy marine ecosystems.
Humanity needs healthy oceans to survive.
Starving whales are a precursor of starving humans, what happens to the
creatures of the Earth is the fate of humanity unless we change our ways.




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