Save the California Gray Whale


Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition and Coordinator of Australians for Animals writes the following from the AFA November newsletter. Sue is currently in the USA campaigning to save the California Gray Whale.

“Are there Gray Whales in Australia?” A question our
Coordinator was often asked. Gov. Schwarzenegger, aka the
Terminator, is a Republican. But he’s no ordinary Republican,
many Americans think he’s the greenest Governor in the entire
United States. Staff in his office are also very supportive of the
Coalition and say the Governor would almost certainly take part
in any major event we hold for the Gray Whale.

Although it has been incredibly difficult to lobby the California
Assembly and Senate as an Australian, there seems to be an
advantage in many respects. Not holding any Party
affiliations helps. Because the Gray Whale is so controversial
–the greatest threats to its existence being the oil and gas
industry and the Makah Native American Indian tribe’s efforts
to begin killing these whales, many US conservation groups
refuse to campaign to save the Gray Whales.


Rick 008



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