Save the California Gray Whale


Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition and Coordinator of Australians for Animals writes the following blog from the USA while campaigning to save the California Gray Whale.

Its a nice feeling to arrive in San Francisco and see that President Obama
is moving fast on climate change.  The winds of progress are definitely
blowing in the US and the environment is coming up for airing at last.
Gray whale work is as always, fascinating.   A group of Coalition members
have a meeting with a Californian congress member on Monday, a key meeting
which will be critically important in the journey to relisting the Gray
Whale under the US Endangered Species Act.

So far no word as to how the migration is going and whether there are more
or less whales than last year.   At this time, the migration is usually
led by heavily pregnant whales, some with newborn young born along the way
to Baja, Mexico.   They’re followed by the juveniles and finally the
males.   On their way to Mexico the whales don’t spend much time playing
but are focused on their journey.     When they blow ( which they do
often) and if you’re in seeing distance, its a heart shape blow which
glistens rainbow colours in the sunlight.

ON the way back, the journey is far more hazardous with newborn calves
swimming close to their mother’s side as the whales sneak through the kelp
beds close to shore trying to avoid packs of transient Orcas who can tear
a mother whale and her calf to pieces.  Life in the ocean isn’t a bed of
roses, the predator prey relationship can be as heartbreaking to witness
as the violence of war.   The reality of planet earth is violence and
peace, Nature provides that lesson every day.


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