Save the California Gray Whale

Sue Arnold, Coordinator for Australians for Animals ( and CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition

( wrote the following in the November edition of the AFA newsletter.


Having got an h i s t o r i c Resolution through t h e
California Assembly and Senate which called on the US
Congress to take steps to relist the Gray Whale, we now had to
get the support of influential Californian Federal Senators.

A most inappropriate time to be lobbying in many respects. But
miracles abound even in hectic pre-election times with the
global financial system collapsing. The possibility of
getting meetings with key California Federal Senators
staffers to meet with an Australian activist seemed
remote. And organising these meetings from Australia even
more impossible. But these days, the internet makes it
possible to work around the world from your office desk no
matter where you are ! And nagging always works. No
matter what country.


Yes We Can! Save the California Gray Whale.

Join the Fan Club today –


two at the boat






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