Save the California Gray Whale


Sue Arnold CEO of the California Gray Whale Coalition continues her blog while traveling to the USA and Mexico working towards a successful campaign of saving the California Gray Whale.

My journey across the Pacific is nothing in comparison to the journey
which the Gray whale must undertake.  Its the longest migration of any
Baleen whale on Planet Earth, up and down through the heaviest
industrialised countries of the US, Mexico and Canada.  

Not to mention the enormous amount of Industrialisation on the Siberian side which is
home to a primary Gray whale feeding ground.  With no environmental laws
to protect marine mammals, the Gray whales are contaminated by the huge
toxic waste spewing into the rivers which empty into the Chukotka Sea.
Stinky whales are a major problem in the Russian waters. 

I will detail some of the contaminants later, but there’s grave suspicion that whales in
US and Mexican waters are also contaminated.

What happens to the whales will eventually impact on all of us.

Yes We can! Save the California Gray Whale.

Join the Fan Club today –

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