Yes We Can! Save the California Gray Whale


The California Gray Whale needs our help. Please visit –   and

Join the Fan Club.

Become active in saving the Most Ancient Baleen Whale.

At night, in the camping grounds around San Ignacio, you can hear the whales breath. All the whales travel back up the lagoon where the public is not allowed. That’s their bed-time place and the whales go almost on the clock as the sun sets. In the morning, the first spouts are seen not long after the sun rises.

San Ignacio is one of the most magnificent wildernesses on the face of the Earth. Surrounded by volcanic mountains which reach to the sky, the lagoon is home to many many birds who often sit on the water flying off in huge formations when the pangas go out to the whales. It is an ancient spiritual place, a church of Nature.

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