Yes We Can! Save the California Gray Whale


Help save the California Gray Whale. Join the Fan Club. Visit –   and

and let your voice be heard. Human kind’s most ancient Baleen Whale needs your help.


Sometimes you can see the whales make love. Its always a threesome. One male lies under the female and basically holds her whilst the other male does his business on top. The gigantic pink penis which is visible across the water is called the Pink Floyd ! When the first whale is done, he changes places with the one who is holding the female. There’s always a lot of turbulent water and people are definitely not encouraged to get close.

The young calves are very curious. Big hairs sprout from their chins and they do seem to be bewitched by the attention of humans. Often Mama whale will hang back to watch the fun. And sometimes, the boats are surrounded with Mama whales and their young all seeking attention, stroking and pleasure.



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