Yes We Can! Save the California Gray Whale


Its an incredible feeling to be in a very small boat with a massive whale underneath, so big that its head and tail can clearly be seen as its sheer size swamps the boat. With no trouble at all, gray whales could tip the pangas and throw everyone into the warm waters ( but it’s a long way to land). Instead, they treat humans with great gentleness and often it seems like they actually facilitate contact so that humans can get closer.

Gray whale skin feels like a wet gumboot. Stroking their baleen plates is like running your hand across a very stiff paint brush. When the whales come to the surface, they usually roll up right close to the boat and often the first thing you see is the eye, looking straight at you. That is an amazing experience. When the whales are stroked, for all the world its like stroking a dog or a pussy cat, they really seem to get off on the feel of human hands and the choruses of admiration and awe.



big nose


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