Yes We Can! Save the California Gray Whale


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to make a difference. Join the Fan Club, petition regularly and make a choice to join humanity in saving the California Gray Whale.

For nearly 30 million years beautiful, majestic Gray Whales have prospered in the great seas of the west coast of North America. 

These, graceful beings are known for the fervor with which they defend themselves when under attack from whalers and their natural predators, the Orca.

While they have survived ice ages and other extreme natural threats, it is clear that they are unable to defend themselves against the intensity of human activity.

It is therefore incumbent upon us to provide protection and to ensure their continued survival.

The California Gray Whale Coalition will work to ensure a future for this ancient whale. By disseminating information and promoting their plight, we will turn the tide and gain proper legal protection along the entire migration route.

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