Yes We Can! Save the California Gray Whale


The annual migration of gray whales has begun, although its still a bit too early to tell with its on time. Usually the migration begins around mid-December with heavily pregnant whales or whales with newborn young leading the way, followed by the males and juveniles.

Many of the whales make their way to the warm waters of the lagoons in Baja, Mexico. The most beautiful of these lagoons is San Ignacio which is part of the El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage site. In good times, the Lagoon is full of mother whales and their calves, and horny males waiting to mate. Gray whales are so friendly they will swim to the small boats, known as pangas, and allow people to caress their huge bodies and to touch the calves who are extremely curious.

Make a difference and please visit  and to join the fan club and save the California Gray Whale.

baby breacher



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