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The most ancient Baleen Whale alive today needs YOUR help.


The California Gray Whale needs the protection of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Up until 1994, the Gray Whale was listed under this Act and, in spite of recommendations by the Marine Mammal Commission, the species was removed from the endangered list, and left with minimal protection.

In the warm waters of the lagoons in Baja, Mexico, Gray Whales come to the small boats and allow themselves and their calves to be touched and stroked by people.

No other whale on Planet Earth is this friendly to humans.

By far the most serious threat to the Gray Whales is climate change. As

specialist feeders, their primary food source is tiny crustaceans known as

amphipods. These amphipods are part of the benthic ecosystem which feeds a huge variety of marine animals.

The particular species of amphipods on which the Gray Whales depend are themselves reliant on cold water and ice. Crud which gathers under the ice floes in the sub Arctic and Arctic oceans drops down and feeds the benthic system.

Without ice, there is no food. Without food, Gray Whales starve. Currently oil and gas exploration leases spread right across their feeding grounds. Without the protection of the ESA, the whales are vulnerable to extinction.

These are some of the threats facing the California Gray Whale:

· Unprecedented Coastal development

· Liquefied Gas Terminals

· Industrialisation

· Toxic Pollution

· Climate change

· Ocean acidity

· Oil and gas exploration

· Military and Seismic Sonar


info@californiagraywhalecoalition.org or www.californiagraywhalecoalition.org

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