www.californiagraywhalecoalition.org and www.australiansforanimals.org.au


Yes, We Can! Save the California Gray Whale.

The most ancient Baleen Whale alive today needs your help.

Join the Fan Club, make your voice heard.

These days there has been an increase in the number of packs of Killer Whales waiting for the mothers and babes to begin their northward journey.  There has been a major increase in the quantity of so called wild Orcas. 

That is, those that follow the whale migration route, instead of hanging out in organized families in the the northern waters, eating fish, and just chumming around with the rest of their family group.  The wild Orcas form a 5000 mile long gauntlet through which the young calf must now travel just weeks after their birth.  

In some years, the mortality rate caused by Orcas is around 30%.  The stories which whale watching captains tell of the heartbreaking efforts of whale mums to protect their young are heart-breaking.  The Orcas are transients,which means they don’t have a territory.  Many scientists believe that starvation in the ocean is causing huge disruptions to many species, including transient Orcas who are capable of wiping out sub-populations.  These are very efficient predators.

www.californiagraywhalecoalition.org   and www.australiansforanimals.org.au





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