Yes, you can make a difference. Support the California Gray Whale Coalition. Sign up today.

California Gray Whales are big animals, Length about 40 to 50 feet.  Weight about 50,000 to  80,000 pounds.   

They live up to 50 years.  

Just like people, once they reach middle age, they seem to get broader .  The Gray Whales have a double blow hole.  When they blow and the sun is shining, the blow makes the shape of a heart.  It is quite beautiful.

The Gray whales have ancient knowledge.  Twice they have almost gone extinct, driven to annihilation by American whalers who pursued the whales in the Mexican lagoons.

The gestation period for gray whales is 11 – 13 months. The gray whales usually give birth in the Baja lagoons, including Laguna Ojo de Liebre and Laguna San Ignacio, although some whales give birth during their southward migration, before they reach the lagoons.

Please visit www.californiagraywhalecoalition.org for further information and how to join the Fan Club.

Elly 02-10-08 and 02-21-08



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