Yes you can help save the California Gray Whale.


The California Gray Whale is the most ancient baleen whale alive today.
She is the last of four races, two have gone extinct on either side of the Atlantic and the only other surviving race, the Western Pacific Gray Whale number less than 100.

This whale was always known as the Devil Fish in the old days because she was such a fierce defender of her  young.

She is the only whale in the world which comes to small boats in the Mexican lagoons with her calf and allows humans to touch and stroke.
The California Gray Whale was made the office Marine Mammal Emblem of the State of California in 1975.

But protection of this whale is minimal.  The primary focus of the California Gray Whale Coalition is to relist the whales under the protection of the US Endangered Species Act.

The California Assembly and Senate recently passed a Resolution calling on the US Congress to relist the whale.

In the State of California, the Gray Whale is listed as “ recovered” and this listing can only be changed by the Congress in DC.  Which is why we need to build a gigantic data base to deluge Congress people and Senators with requests to relist the whales.

Visit www.californiagraywhalecoalition.org and sign up with the Fan Club. Make a difference for this Ancient Whale.


whale flukes


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